Be careful before buying

Some platforms sell NFTs that you can lose at any time.

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NFT assets can be non-persistent

The storage method can have a low persistence & decentralization level.

Buy NFTs safely

After auditing how the NFT is coded, we measure the trust level you can have in NFT platforms.

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Effective grading scheme

Adapted to each type of platform, the grading is based on persistence, decentralization and the ease of retrieving NFT assets.

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100% independent

No ads, no influence for brands. No one can pay OpenGem to advertise their platform on our website

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How to be audited

If you want your project to be audited, just add it to the queue by submitting here, it’s free. Regarding the line, you’ll need to wait ~90 days to be audited.

A 2 ETH donation will bring your project to first place in the line. In that way, an audit can be done in ~5 days.


Check if you really own your NFT

The higher the score, the more persistent the NFT assets.