Where is the visual?

Off blockchain

Where is it stored?

The visual is hosted on several computers via IPFS protocol.

What exactly is IPFS?

IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files or assets. This is not a blockchain. You can see more information here.

Does it guarantee the availability of the visual?

No. To be sure about the persistence of the data, you need someone to "pin" your data on IPFS nodes. In most cases, the NFT platform does it for you.

Where is the creator name?

On the blockchain

Where is it stored?

The creator name is fully written on the Ethereum blockchain.

Does it guarantee the availability of the creator name?

As long as Ethereum exists, you can be sure that all the data and the history of the data are available.

What if Knownorigin website is offline?

You keep your artwork

Here are the elements you can retrieve

  • visual
  • creator name
  • artwork name
  • other data

Good points 👍

  • Knownorigin chose to put the creator name, the artwork name and the other data in token, on the blockchain. That ensures you own the data at any time.
  • If Knownorigin dies & Ethereum survives, you will be able to retrieve this data.
  • Knownorigin chose to put the visual on a distributed & decentralized protocol: IPFS. Even if this is not the best practice to guarantee data availability, this is better than choosing private storage.
  • If Knownorigin dies & IPFS survives, you will be able to retrieve this data.
  • Great to see that Knownorigin created a documentation on how we can retrieve our artwork outside the platform.

Bad points 👎

  • The data hosted on IPFS needs to be "pinned" to be available. If not, it can disappear at any time. We recommend using a more robust solution like Blockweave.
  • The mint contract of KnownOrigin marketplace allows creators to put data onchain. However, be careful because this is not mandatory, so some artwork can be less persistent. That's why some artwork can have a lower score.
This audit has been performed by a human and the grade is based on the Uploaded Art scheme.
Written on-chain Hosted on Blockweave Hosted via IPFS Hosted via CDN Hosted on a server Not referenced
Visual (uploaded media) Technically too expensive 60
5 5 0 Main data
smaller score chosen
Creator name (text)
50 30 5 5 0
Artwork name (text)
15 10 0 0 0 Secondary
Other data (text)
5 5 0 0 0 Other
A documentation that explains how users can retrieve the NFT assets is published. +10
total 70
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