90 /100

Where is the artwork's visual?

On the blockchain

Where is it stored?

The artwork's visual is fully written on the Ethereum blockchain.

Does it guarantee the availability of the artwork's visual?

As long as Ethereum exists, you can be sure that all the data and the history of the data are available.

What if Art Blocks website is offline?

You keep your Artwork

Here are the elements you can retrieve

  • artwork's visual
  • creator's address
  • project's attributes

Good points 👍

  • Art Blocks chose to put the artwork's visual, the creator's address and the project's attributes in token, on the blockchain. That ensures you own the data at any time.
  • If Art Blocks dies & Ethereum survives, you will be able to retrieve this data.

Bad points 👎

  • It would be appreciated if Art Blocks would create documentation (article or video) that explains how users can retrieve the Artwork outside the platform.
This audit has been performed by a human and the grade is based on the Computed Art scheme.
Written on-chain Hosted on Blockweave Hosted via IPFS Hosted via CDN Hosted on a server Not referenced
Artwork's visual (computed media)
50 30 5 5 0 Main data
Creator's address (text)
15 10 0 0 0 Secondary
Project's attributes (text)
5 5 0 0 0 Other
There is no documentation that explains how users can retrieve the NFT assets. +0
total 90

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