The standard for secure NFT

The easiest way to create and sell on-chain NFT.

No code skills needed

Ordinals and EVM supported. Choose your blockchain and manage easily your smart contracts.

Deploy your smart contract

Start selling from your own page

Sellable on other marketplaces

The common practices are not secured

Most platforms let you create NFTs that are not persistent over time.

  • The smart contract is yours, and deployed by you.
  • The smart contract is sealed, forever.
  • The smart contract implementation is not controlled by us. You own 100% it.
  • Artwork attributes are written on-chain.
  • Artist name is written on-chain
  • Artworks have provenance proof written on-chain.
  • Artworks have backup storage on IPFS & Arweave.
Medium risk
  • The smart contract is a proxy with multiple functions, featuring customizable extensions and rules.
  • Artwork attributes are not on-chain. Only on IPFS or Arweave.
  • Artist name is not on-chain. Only on IPFS or Arweave.
  • Artworks have no on-chain provenance proof.
  • Artworks have backup storage only on IPFS or Arweave.
Critical risk
  • The smart contract is not yours.
  • The smart contract is not sealed. The logic can be changed, at any time. By OpenSea.
  • Artwork attributes are not on-chain. Only on OpenSea servers.
  • Artist name are not on-chain. Only on OpenSea servers.
  • Artworks have no provenance proof on-chain.
  • Artworks are not on IPFS or Arweave. Only on OpenSea servers.

Make NFT in the right way

OpenGem pushes the limits of the on-chain concept to offer the best level of technical ownership.


Smart contract deployment

The creator deploy her own smart contract.

Smart contract sealing

No alteration possible, locked for life.

Persistent assets hosting

Back-up storage are provided : IPFS & Arweave.

Get your own page with an NFT audit

OpenGem is a no-code tool ready to deploy your NFT collection.

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Deploy your smart contract easily

Manage your NFT by implementing the most secure smart contract, in compliance with the OpenGem standard.